Winix Air Purifier: Two Lights Blinking – Troubleshooting Guide

Air purifiers are essential appliances that help improve indoor air quality by eliminating dust and other pollutants. However, users may encounter issues while using them, such as blinking lights on their Winix air purifiers. If you’re experiencing this problem, this article provides you with the answers you need.

In this article, readers will learn why their Winix air purifier could be blinking and what they can do to resolve the issue. With the information provided, users can troubleshoot the problem and ensure that their air purifier is functioning correctly.

A Winix Air Purifier: Problems and Solutions

Two Lights are Blinking

Owners of Winix air purifiers may encounter the issue of two blinking lights. The cause of the blinking lights can be attributed to problems with the HEPA filter, the pre-filter, or the functioning of the Winix air purifier itself.

Filter Problem

In the case where the problem is with a true HEPA filter or activated carbon pre-filter, the solution is to change the filter. After inserting the new filters, hold the device’s light reset button for several seconds (from three to six will be enough). After the filter light indicator shuts off, wait for some time and turn the machine on again.

Purifier Problem

If the issue is with the Winix air purifier itself, the only solution is to replace the device.

Red Light Blinking

If the filter light of the air purifier is red, it suggests significant air quality or air purifier issues.

Poor Quality of the Air

If the air quality light is red, it may be due to poor air quality in the room. In this case, increase the fan speed as much as possible and leave the air purifier to work for at least two hours. After the time is up, check the indicator again. If it has changed to a green light, then the problem is solved.

Poor Quality of the Filter

If the filter light of the air purifier is red, it may be a sign that the filters of the device need changing. After changing the filters, reset the machine. If the indicator is still red after this action, unplug the device from the power outlet for some time. Plug it back in and turn the purifier on. If the filter indicator light is still red, the device may be ruined and needs replacing.

Power Outlet and Power Cord Problems

If the Winix air purifier cannot be turned on, it may be due to power outlet or power cord problems.

Power Outlet Problem

Unplug the purifier from the current power outlet and find a new one. Plug the device into it and check if it operates. If it does, then the issue has been resolved.

Power Rating and Power Cord Problems

If changing the power outlet did not help, try changing the power rating. If this is not effective, then changing the power cord may be necessary. If the situation remains the same after buying a new power cord, contact the store where you purchased the machine or the support team.

Sleep Mode Problem

If the Winix air purifier is constantly in sleep mode and cannot be turned off, try turning off the equipment and unplugging it from the socket. Leave it for some time, then plug it back in and turn the machine on. Wait for the device to get into sleep mode, then try to turn it on in another mode. Repeat the process if the first attempt fails.

Smell Problem

If the Winix air purifier has a specific odor, it may be due to the filters. Cleanse the device’s filters to make the odor disappear. The smell may be present for the first week of use, but it should disappear after initial use.

Noise Problem

Unexpected noise coming from the Winix air purifier may be due to something that has gotten inside the machine or dirty filters. Check the purifier carefully without causing damage and make sure to change filters regularly. If there are still issues that are not addressed in this article, refer to the device’s user manual.

Changing the Filters of the Winix Air Purifier Correctly

Regular cleaning and changing of the air purifier’s filters are crucial to maintain good air quality and prevent device malfunction. Failing to do so can lead to various health issues, including breath problems, allergies, malaise, and skin problems. Here are some easy steps to change the filters of the Winix air purifier correctly.

Preparing the Device

The first step is to turn off the Winix air purifier and disconnect it from the power outlet. Wait for a few minutes before proceeding. Carefully remove the air intake screen and air intake cover to access the filters.

Cleaning the Device

To clean the device, use a vacuum cleaner and a soft brush to clean the air intake screen. Remove the old filters from the machine and dispose of them.

Inserting New Filters

Insert a new HEPA filter and pre-filter into the machine. Ensure that the arrow on the filter points in the right direction, towards the device and not your direction.

It is recommended to read the article “Why is My Air Purifier Red” to understand the importance of maintaining the device and identifying potential issues. By following these easy steps, you can ensure that your Winix air purifier functions properly and provides clean air for your home or office.


What do the lights indicate on the Winix air purifier?

The Winix air purifier comes with two indicator lights, red and blue. The red light indicates that it is time to change the filters, which include the HEPA filter and pre-filter. On the other hand, the blue light indicates that the air quality is excellent, and there is no need for concern.

Why is the air purifier blinking?

If the red light on the Winix air purifier is blinking, it is an indication that the filters need to be replaced. The filters that require replacement include the true HEPA filter and activated carbon pre-filter. On the other hand, if the orange light is blinking, it means that the air quality is deteriorating. If the green light is on, the air quality is safe. In case of any confusion, it is recommended to refer to the user manual for specific instructions.

Why does the Winix air purifier have two lights blinking?

The Winix air purifier may have two lights blinking if there is something wrong with the HEPA filter, pre-filter, or the machine itself. It is recommended to refer to the user manual for specific instructions.

How to change the Winix air purifier’s filters?

To change the filters on the Winix air purifier, first, shut down and unplug the equipment from the power outlet. Wait for some time, remove the air intake cover, and use a vacuum cleaner on the air intake screen. Next, take off the HEPA filter, followed by the activated carbon pre-filter. Insert the new filters and ensure that the arrow on the filter points in the direction of the device. Finally, return the air intake screen and air intake cover to their places.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, the Winix air purifier is an excellent device that ensures excellent indoor air quality, which has a direct impact on our health and well-being. It is essential to take care of the device properly and on time. By following the instructions provided in the user manual, you can solve any problems with the device.

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