Top Rated Small Ceramic Heaters

One of my favorite ways to combat cold weather is space heaters.

They give a fantastic boost to your heat in a variety of situations.

I like them to tide me over in unpredictable weather transitions, to add to the furnace in extreme cold, or in mild cold when I don’t want to turn on the whole furnace.

Space heaters are an affordable way to warm up, especially the small ones I’ll be going over today.

Best Small Ceramic Space Heaters

I did a ton of research to determine what the best small ceramic space heaters on the market are.

I gathered my top five picks for the best quality, small ceramic space heater.

Any one of these heaters is an excellent option if you are looking for powerful, space-saving, safe portable space heaters.

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1. Aikoper Space Heater

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The top rated heater on my list is the Aikoper space heater.

This little beast is the best ceramic heater in the small size range.

It measures 6.4 x 4.8 x 9.09 inches, perfect for a desk or table.

The three settings on this heater include low, medium, and high. To boot, it also has a fan function for hot weather.

The thermostat can adjust within those settings, giving you the exact temperature you want.

Some people even use this space heater for their greenhouses, because it is so adjustable and dependable.

This heater does not increase noise when the setting is raised, but trust me, the heat level is noticeably higher.

Despite its diminutive size, this heater can compete with much larger space heaters, power-wise.

Watts are watts, and at 1500W, the Aikoper’s range will suffice for an average size room.

Just keep in mind that this also means it will use the same amount of power as a larger heater of the same amount of watts.

Physical size doesn’t equate to efficiency level!

The Aikoper utilizes bioceramic PTC heating technology (which DOES increase efficiency) and a forced fan system.

You will feel the heat only 3 seconds after turning it on.

The heater has an automatic shut-off so that if it is tilted or knocked over, it will automatically shut off. It also will shut off if it overheats.


  • Ceramic, fan and forced air
  • 1,500 Watts
  • 3 pounds

Key Features:

  • Compact design
  • Quiet operation
  • Suitable for average-sized offices and rooms
  • Highly adjustable heat settings
  • Bioceramic PTC heating technology
  • Tip over shutoff
  • Overheat shutoff

2. Andily Space Heater

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The Andily space heater is a close second on my list, only because as a heater it is not quite as adjustable and it makes a little more noise.

The thermostat has two settings and is manually controlled by a dial on top of the heater.

But you may decide this one is the best choice for you, based on its other features.

It is even smaller than the Aikoper, weighing 2.64 pounds and measuring 6.2 x 4.74 x 8.3 inches.

It has two settings, running at 1,500 watts on its High mode, and 750W on Low. It also has fan mode.

This heater also uses PTC ceramic technology.

While it is quiet, you will hear this heater like a fan, so if you’re trying to keep it on the down low, look for something quieter.

The Andily space heater is ETL certified, which is something the Aikoper cannot claim.

It also features overheat protection so it shuts off when it gets too hot.

Additionally, there is also a tip-over sensor, which will cut power to the heater in the event that it gets tipped over or knocked off a surface.


  • Ceramic fan and forced air
  • 1,500 watts
  • 2.64 pounds

Key Features:

  • Lightweight
  • Space-saving design
  • PTC ceramic technology
  • 2 thermostat settings
  • fan setting
  • ETL certified
  • Made with flame-retardant materials
  • Overheating sensor
  • Tip-over sensor

3. GiveBest Portable Space Heater

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It’s honestly hard for me to rank this list of heaters because each one is such an excellent machine.

This heater comes in third because of less functionality in the thermostat, but otherwise it’s on par with the others.

The thermostat has either low, 750W, which pushes out cool air along with the hot air, and high at 1500W which is only heat.

It also has a fan only setting, if that’s important to you.

While it does have a dial that can adjust the heat from 0-158 degrees Fahrenheit, the digits are not marked and it can be a little confusing since it also has either the low or high setting.

The thermostat is supposed to turn the heater off once it reaches the desired temperature and turn it back on when it drops below that.

This feature did not work for some users, and the heater did not turn back on once the temperature dropped.

I personally like heaters that can be set to stay on no matter what, because the cycling on and off keeps me awake at night.

But I don’t want to overshadow this heater’s good points with thermostat complaints.

The feature that sets this heater apart is its high heat.

It has a stronger fan than a lot of similar units, spreading the heat faster and farther.

This powerful little space heater will really bring the heat, and you can depend on it instead of central heating if you only want to warm up one room.

Weighing in at 3.9 pounds, it’s a little larger.

Like the other heaters on this list, this one has automatic shut off in case it overheats or tips. The material it is made of is very flame resistant.


  • PTC ceramic technology
  • 750/1500 watts
  • 3.9 pounds

Key Features:

  • Suitable for rooms up to 200 square feet
  • Fast heating
  • 2 heat settings
  • Fan setting
  • Quiet operation
  • Overheat protection
  • Tip-over protection
  • Made with flame-retardant materials

4. Lasko 754201 Small Space Heater

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Lasko is one of the most established brands for space heaters, with a 100-year-old reputation and huge product line.

While you may be tempted to just go buy a Lasko because of the brand name, they are actually not the most cutting edge at certain features.

This space heater is comparable to the others on this list, with two heat settings and a fan mode.

At 1500 watts, it will work the same as any other in this size range, power wise, however some users boast it has a larger range of heat than other heaters, reaching up to 300 square feet.

It has an automatic thermostat that turns on and off as the heat level fluctuates.

Where this heater lacks, though, is the tip over switch.

It only turns on if the switch is pressed against the ground, and the angle of the switch on this heater is not easy to press.

It will not work well on a carpet, and you may need to put some (nonflammable) object underneath it to keep the button pressed.

At least it is very sensitive and will definitely turn off when even barely tipped!

While the outer material of this heater is cool-touch, keep in mind that the front grating is not.

It will burn anything that touches it.

The unit does have overheating protection so it shuts off if it gets too hot, and is ETL listed.

A nice feature is the 8-foot cord, allowing you to have more flexibility with where you place this unit.


  • Convection heater
  • 1500 watts
  • 3.5 pounds

Key Features:

  • May be suitable for larger rooms
  • Two heat settings
  • Fan setting
  • ETL listed
  • Overheat protection
  • Tip-over protection
  • 8 foot extension cord

5. Honeywell UberHeat Space Heater

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Honeywell is another well-established brand, so even though this is the last heater on this list, you still will get a good product.

This heater does bring the heat, as per its name, and it uses Honeywell’s UberHeat ceramic technology.

You can use either the low or high setting, or fan only.

All the settings make the same amount of noise, though Honeywell claims that the low setting uses less watts than the 1500W high setting.

There is no indication of what wattage the low setting pulls, however.

The thermostat is labeled with temperature, but some users have reported that the heat does not always correspond to the set degree.

The biggest issue with this heater is that it is spottier in performance than the others on this list.

Individual units have been known to break down very quickly, but others last for a perfectly long time.

This heater is the noisiest on this list, measuring up to 66 dB.

If you like white noise, the Honeywell UberHeat is the ceramic heater for you!

The heater features an overheat sensor which will shut the heater off if it gets above a certain internal temperature.

It also features tip-over protection in case it falls over.

The cool touch surface makes it extra safe to set on desks or tables near busy activity.

My favorite feature for this heater is the design.

The chic, modern look is a lot more conducive to a stylish home than other space heaters.


  • Convection heater
  • 1,500 watts
  • 3.9 pounds

Key Features:

  • Powerful heat
  • Stylish design
  • High and low mode
  • Fan only option
  • Overheat protection
  • Tip-over protection
  • Cool touch surface

Space Heater Buying Guide

There are many factors you may want to consider when choosing the space heater that will ultimately work best for you, but some of the most important factors in making your selection include price, the size of the appliance, and added features.

I’ll take a brief look at each in turn.


Most of us don’t have unlimited budgets to work with, so I highly recommend setting a price range ahead of time.

This will help make sure you stay within budget, and it can better guide your shopping so you don’t waste time on products that are out of your price range.


When looking for a small ceramic heater, obviously size is a concern.

There are tons of small heaters out there, that range in shape and dimensions.

This will affect the amount of space they will take up on a given surface.

Some models are short and squat, others are skinny and taller.

Think about where you want to place the heater and go from there.

Added Features

Heaters can come with a range of additional features.

Many small ceramic heaters can act as fans in the summer, or have adjustable thermostats, and some have extra power settings.

Noise level varies for space heaters, so be sure to thoroughly research user reviews or manufacturing notes if noise is an important factor for your choice.

Perhaps safety is your main concern.

In this case you will want to look for a space heater that is designed with enhanced safety features in mind.

Benefits of Small Space Heaters

Small space heaters have a range of benefits.

First and foremost, they are small and space-saving, so they don’t take up a ton of space.

Often, these heaters are small enough to easily fit on a desk or small table.

These space heaters may be small in size but they are often powerful in function.

All of these very small space heaters go up to 1,500 watts of power, which is enough to keep even a larger office warm.

Another great thing about small ceramic space heaters is that they are affordable and efficient.

You can get a high-quality, well-made, efficient small space heater for less than $50, and often far less than that.

Small ceramic heaters are made to be efficient in operation, providing a powerful amount of heat without greatly adding to your heating costs.

One of the best uses for a small space heater is to turn it up in the room you’re using and turn down your central heat.

Targeting a particular room with a space heater is an easy way to save on energy costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most important factor in choosing a small ceramic space heater?

If you need a space heater that will fit a tiny area, say a desk, then the size of the heater is likely to be of utmost importance.

Of equal importance is the safety features, especially a tip-over switch, an overheat protection, and cool-touch surface.

If you are looking for affordability, then the price will be the most important factor in your ultimate selection.

I would rank what is most important to you in a space heater and use this as your guide for selecting the best option for your needs.

Are small ceramic space heaters safe?

Yes, most ceramic space heaters, including all the models I review here, have enhanced safety features.

Be sure your space heater has overheat protection, which will automatically shut the heater off if the internal temperature gets too high.

Additionally, your space heater should have tip-over protection, which will automatically shut the heater off if it senses it has been tipped over.

If you’re particularly concerned, look for space heaters that are cool to touch.

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