Best Bladeless Ceiling Fans and Their Reviews

I remember when I first saw a bladeless fan.

The futuristic concept blew me away – no pun intended – and I was happy to remain in the dark about how they worked.

I figured they really were bladeless.

But upon further research when I was trying to find one, my sci-fi dreams were crushed as I discovered they DO have blades – just hidden.

The reason for my original interest has fueled what I look for in bladeless fans ever since: the bladeless appearance.

Even more importantly, the bladeless effect.

Weeding through all the so-called “bladeless” ceiling fans out there was a nightmare at times.

A ton of fans claim to be bladeless but obviously aren’t.

I finally narrowed it down to a few bladeless ceiling fans that fit what I was looking for.

These are fully enclosed (the bladeless effect!), quiet, and effective.

Since bladeless fans signal “futuristic” to me, I like them to be efficient and customizable as well.

Now let’s go look at each fan in detail and compare them to each other.

I want to help you get all the information that has helped me in choosing the best bladeless ceiling fan.

Best Bladeless Ceiling Fans Reviewed

1. Best Overall – Jinweite Ceiling Fan with Light

Jinweite Ceiling Fan with Light

  • different fan speeds and light colors
  • timer to help you conserve energy
  • three different colors
  • easy to clean.

The Jinweite ceiling fan with light is among the best bladeless ceiling fans out there, and it performs as the best ceiling fan on the market.

It is 22 inches in diameter and features a metal shell to hide the acrylic fan blades.

There is also a wind deflector cover and an acrylic lampshade.

You can get the Jinweite ceiling fan in black, grey, and white, so it will go well with any room.

This color option is what helped to edge it out over other competitors on this list.

I’ve compared it to the Orillon Modern Ceiling Fan, finding them to be on par except that the Orillon only comes in white.

It has an LED remote control that you can use to change the fan speeds and light settings.

There are three wind speeds: low gear, mid gear, and high gear.

Low gear gives a comfortable wind, a good choice for when guests are over or when you are sleeping.

Mid gear causes a higher wind that is more natural like a windy day and will create a nice breeze.

High gear is for when you need a super cooling wind. This level will have your hair blowing and may cause loose papers to go flying–and the heat will be gone!

The lighting settings include white, natural, and warm. This is a graduation from bright white light to warmer, yellower lighting.

White is what it sounds like: bright light with a blueish tone.

Then there is a comfortable natural setting more like natural daylight.

Finally there is the warm setting, which looks more toned down like firelight or romantic candlelight (but bright enough to see!).

You can also change the color temperature and brightness, which allows customization for the right lighting.

The Jinweite ceiling fan has a timer that you can set, which it will automatically turn off between 1 and 4 hours if you set it, helping you conserve energy.

Another distinguishing feature is the ease at which you can clean the Jinweite fan.

When you need to clean it, simply remove the casing and wipe it down.

You can wipe the external casing as well as the internal blades with ease.

Findings show high customer satisfaction, with many users reporting that it is a great light for a low ceiling.

There are reports that it can be hard to install, and some modifications may be needed when installing.

Keep in mind if you’re looking for something easy to install and ready to use, you may want to look at other options on this list.

2. Runner Up – Orillon Modern Ceiling Fan

Orillon Modern Ceiling Fan

  • Amazon's Choice
  • Available in white
  • Noiseless whisper motor
  • Adjustable lighting

The Orillon Modern Ceiling Fan is Amazon’s Choice for the best bladeless ceiling fan.

It is 22 inches in diameter, and that size helps it cool bigger rooms.

But that doesn’t mean it’s bulky!

On the contrary, it has a thin, low profile that is mounted flush with the ceiling.

I almost chose this fan as my number one because of the design; it looks sleek and modern and even though it only comes in white, that color is the most popular and matches any room.

The Orillon looks less industrial than most bladeless ceiling fans, and more welcoming and homey.

Its four encased ABS blades move air around the room quickly and effectively.

The encased blades are thick, coming in at 3mm, which is part of the reason this is one of the best bladeless ceiling fans.

The Orillon Modern Ceiling Fan is also very quiet, and that’s because of its design.

The grating on the light is white, so it blends really well, lending a sophisticated look to your room.

The fan is made of thick material, so it helps mute sound, without detracting from its appealing design.

In addition, the whisper wind motor makes no noise, so you’ll be able to enjoy the coolness of your room with no distractions – at least not those of the wobbly base and chopping blades.

The LED light has different settings, so you can choose the type of light and brightness that is most comfortable for you, as well as your fan speed of choice.

The transparent plastic lampshade will provide soft and even light across any room, and the wrought iron case is durable so accidental knocking won’t cause damage.

The light is located in the outer ring, not in the center, so you have a glowing ring light effect!

This causes a halo of light to shine on your ceiling above the fan.

A couple of downsides with this light is that each time you turn it off and on, you’ll have to reselect your preferred color tone.

Some have reported that the plastic casing doesn’t support the fan’s weight, while others have had no issues with it.

For these reasons, I have to say the Jinweite ceiling fan outperforms the Orillon, but it is a close second.

Overall, this is one of the best bladeless fans because it performs well and its design won’t distract from the room.

It can be used in any indoor living area and all the features can be controlled by a remote for ease of use.

3. Most Powerful – DLLT Bladeless Ceiling Fan

DLLT LED Remote Ceiling Fan with Light

  • best for hot climate
  • adjustable speed and lighting
  • can last up to 10 years

The DLLT Bladeless Ceiling Fan is one of the most powerful and best bladeless ceiling fans on the market today.

This is the best fan for you if you live in a hot climate or don’t have air conditioning.

There are seven invisible blades to move air around any room.

The fan has three speeds (low, mid, and high) and a timer that you can set to automatically turn off for ease.

The DLLT Bladeless Ceiling Fan has three color settings: white, neutral, and warm.

You can adjust the brightness from very dim to bright, as well as adjusting the color temperature from a blue tint to almost orange.

This can create quite a different mood for the room depending on how you set the color and brightness.

It has 216 LED lamp beads so that it can last up to 10 years, which will save you money and energy.

Be sure to check Amazon to see if there are any promotions available.

While this is an affordable option, you may also be able to get an additional deal, sweetening this bladeless ceiling fan to be not only the most powerful bladeless ceiling fan on this list, but also one of the most affordable ones.

Personally I think the silver grating makes it feel like a floor fan, but the subtle stars on the acrylic lampshade give a little extra flair.

The design of the silver grating makes it look like a jet engine! This is a cool design for such a powerful fan.

It is flush-mounted, and there is a copper motor that is both powerful and silent. It is suitable for 60Hz or 110v to 120v.

You can use the fan and the lamp independently and set 1-, 2-, or 4-hour timers.

All of the fan’s features are controlled by a remote, so you’ll want to make sure that you don’t lose it. You can’t use the DLLT Bladeless Ceiling Fan without it.

DLLT offers a 12-month warranty and a 60-day money-back guarantee.

It is easy to install- there are just three wires to connect before you install the base and slot the fan in.

Unfortunately, the LED lights are not replaceable, so you’ll need to purchase a new fixture, but it has a long lifespan, so you shouldn’t worry about needing to change it for about a decade.

4. Best Design – Fanimation Studio Collection Vintere Ceiling Fan

No products found.

The Fanimation Studio Collection Vintere Ceiling Fan is among the best looking and best functioning bladeless ceiling fans on this list.

This is the prettiest bladeless fan on the list in my humble opinion, lending a vintage charm to any room.

Its aged bronze look and vintage LED Edison lights gives it a great old fashioned look that lends character to any room.

Because of the rustic style, it is especially good for kitchens.

Some people install this fan outdoors, on a porch or balcony.

The shape of the support structure casts an awesome shadow on the ceiling above.

Not only is it pretty, it works really great too!

The Fanimation bladeless ceiling fan has three blades and three settings to help you cool down any room, letting you customize the look, feel, and temperature of any room.

And, most importantly, you can cool down any room quietly, stylishly, and safely without fear of hitting chopping blades.

The size of the Fanimation ceiling fan is smaller than others on this list, just under 20 inches in diameter, so it is best for cooling down smaller rooms.

However, it hangs lower than other fans so it is best for high ceilings.

Even though it is small, it is definitely mighty! It moves and cools down a room quickly and efficiently.

One downside is that most of the cooling effect is directly under the fan, and with more distance there is not as much breeze.

It is quiet and well balanced, which means that you won’t get the shaking and wobbly fan noises that you may have from more traditional ceiling fans.

It may be difficult to install and clean, so you may exchange some function for aesthetics with this fan.

Because of the caged look, it may be more difficult to clean than other bladeless fans, so instead of wiping it down, you may need to use a vacuum to ensure a safe and easy clean.

You will not need to remove the fixture to clean it.

While people who own the Fanimation bladeless ceiling fan love its look, there is a debate over how easy it is to install.

All you need is a solid stud to attach two screws.

Some users have difficulty with this, so you may need some familiarity with electrical installations.

Mainly, there are complaints about getting the control box in the base, short wires, and the screws being hard to screw in.

A pro for the Fanimation is that the lightbulbs can be replaced, unlike some other bladeless fans which have them enclosed.

Otherwise, this is a great overall fan, and one of my favorites in the looks department. It will enhance any room.

5. Best for Kids – Tangkula Bladeless Ceiling Fan

Tangkula Bladeless Ceiling Fan

  • distinctive moon and star design
  • independent fan and light
  • quiet motor

The super cute stars and moon of the Tangkula Bladeless Ceiling Fan make it the best bladeless ceiling fan for kids rooms or nurseries.

It has many of the same features as others on this list, so you’ll be getting the same experience, with just a little extra flair to the room.

I know of several kids in my life who would love this!

It is 23 inches in diameter and features an acrylic lampshade, which is sure to light and cool down any room.

Its size will help it cool down both large and small rooms alike.

The Tangkula is a three-speed, bladeless ceiling fan.

You can control the speed as well as the light by remote control.

A great feature is that you can use each independently – the light doesn’t need to be on for the fan to be on, and vice versa.

The dimmable light can be changed between warm light, natural light, and white light, each of which will create a different atmosphere in your room.

The quiet motor helps the bladeless fan move air powerfully throughout a room.

The three blades are transparent, so even as they are covered, they are also nearly invisible – which makes it even better that they are covered!

The invisible blades will not injure anyone accidentally, making it a safer alternative for children’s rooms.

Unlike others on this list, the Tangkula ceiling fan is easier to install, as it does not require a junction box.

You do need to install it on a flat, not inclined ceiling, so keep the ceiling size and slant in mind as you are choosing a fan option.

Still, many customers report that it’s easier to install with two people, so you’ll want to keep this in mind when purchasing.

Overall, the features are pretty standard on this bladeless fan, but what makes it among the best bladeless fans is its super cute and fun design, great for any child’s room.

6. Easiest to Clean – Lxlong Ceiling Fan

The Lxlong Ceiling Fan is a stunning ceiling fan, with a beautiful thatched design that adds a nice bit of style and detail to your room, while perfectly lighting and cooling with ease.

It is good for all types of rooms, and one of the best features of this fan is that it is very easy to clean.

While with traditional fans you wipe down the external blades, and with this, you’ll do the same, you just need to remove the external casing to do so.

When you’re done wiping it down, you simply replace the casing.

You won’t be removing the fixture or disconnecting any wiring, so it is very similar to cleaning a traditional fan.

For me, ease of cleaning is a big enough plus that I might choose this over any other fan!

The Lxlong Ceiling Fan has a semi flush mount with invisible acrylic blades housed in a metal shell.

It is 22 inches in diameter, and its case blends with the mount for an aesthetically pleasing bladeless fan.

Because of its size, it can be used to cool down small and large rooms alike.

It has three lighting settings, for which you can set the brightness and a color temperature between 3,000 and 6,000k.

There are also three wind speed settings, and a timing setting with an automatic shutoff.

While the motor is strong, it is very quiet, providing a noiseless cooling experience throughout the entire room.

You control all features with a remote.

The cons are that the materials it is made of are cheap, and the mounting bracket is thin and doesn’t fit properly.

You may need more than one person to install this fan, even with electrical knowledge.

Otherwise, this is a great ceiling fan, with a slightly different look and feel.

The ease of cleaning, as well as the automatic shut off is what distinguishes the Lxlong Ceiling Fan from others on the list.

Choosing the Best Bladeless Ceiling Fan for You

There are plenty of options available for bladeless ceiling fans.

While bladeless ceiling fans are newer than traditional ceiling fans, they perform very well and are more aesthetically pleasing.

If you have kids who try to grab fan blades, a bladeless fan will keep them safe.

If you’re looking for the best overall, it’s a close toss-up between the Jinweite ceiling fan and the Orillon Modern Ceiling Fan.

These are very similar, so it may come down to the appearance for you.

The Jinweite fan has more color options, but the Orillon fan’s grating blends better with its base.

The DLLT Bladeless Ceiling Fan is the most powerful and has the most blades.

The coolest looking is hands down the Fanimation Studio Collection Vintere Ceiling Fan, while the coolest looking fan for kids is the Tangkula Bladeless Ceiling Fan.

The Lxlong Ceiling Fan is super easy to clean – simply unlatch the casing and wipe down the blades, and clip it back into place.

There are pros and cons to each fan, but based on my research these are the best bladeless ceiling fans available.

Let’s explore some of the features that distinguish this list of bladeless ceiling fans from others on the market today.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bladeless Ceiling Fan

Not all ceiling fans are created equal, and that includes bladeless ceiling fans.

There are certain features that you should look out for when you’re trying to choose the best bladeless ceiling fan for you.

Let’s explore what those are so that if you want a bladeless fan, you’ll know which one to choose for your room, no matter where it is.


Bladeless doesn’t literally mean bladeless; in this case, it means that the blades are encased, making it appear bladeless.

You’ll want to consider the number of blades, as well as the thickness of the blades and the material.

This will determine how strong the air movement is, which will impact how well it cools down a room.


Many of the bladeless ceiling fans have LED lights, but you’ll want to check if these LED lights are replaceable.

If not, you’ll find yourself replacing the fixture when you need to change the light.

In addition, you’ll want to see if the light has different color temperatures and if it is dimmable.


Many of the best bladeless ceiling fans have a timer that you can set, helping you to fall asleep coolly while still conserving energy.

The timer can be set at different intervals, so make sure that it meets your needs.


While many of the bladeless ceiling fans have similar designs, there are important differences.

Some have different color bases, while others have uniquely cased designs. There may be patterns on the acrylic shades.

The performance is important, but the design is also important as you look to set the tone of the room.


Smaller bladeless ceiling fans will cool down smaller rooms.

You’ll also want to keep in mind the mount.

The more flush mounted it is to the ceiling, the smaller it will feel.

Ease of installation

If you’re already planning to hire an electrician, this may not be an issue, but not all bladeless ceiling fans are easy to install.

You may need more than one person to hold it up, or you might need multiple wires.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we’ve reviewed some of the features you should be looking for, let’s review some of the most frequently asked questions.

Does Dyson make a bladeless ceiling fan?

Dyson bladeless fans have set a precedent for the bladeless fan industry.

Their fans have blades hidden in the pedestal stand, using their trademarked Air Multiplier technology.

Dyson does not make bladeless ceiling fans (yet!).

When I asked them about what fans they do make, they told me they only have bladeless floor and tower fans.

Are Exhale Bladeless Ceiling Fans Good?

I was excited to find out that the Exhale bladeless ceiling fan is truly a bladeless ceiling fan.

They suck air into the middle and distribute it across the ceiling, creating a natural and quiet breeze.

But as I looked into the company and people’s experiences buying from them, Exhale Fans has pretty bad customer service.

Some people have waited months to receive a fan, or received the wrong parts, and some of us have never heard back from the company.

I contacted them myself and have yet to receive a reply after several weeks.

The way I see it is, you will get a stylish, easily breakable bladeless fan with a gentle breeze.

But be prepared to spend hundreds of dollars, wait months, and deal with spotty communication.

Are bladeless ceiling fans truly bladeless?

Sometimes. Some fans are bladeless, but the only ceiling fan that is bladeless is the Exhale Fan mentioned above.

Most bladeless ceiling fans are actually fans that have their blades encased on the inside.

This gives the fan its bladeless look rather than actually being bladeless.

How do bladeless ceiling fans work?

In this case, bladeless doesn’t mean bladeless, it just means that it appears bladeless.

Instead of circulating externally, the blades are encased within a shade or other casing.

These fans are mounted on the ceiling much like traditional fans, flush to the ceiling.

How do you clean a bladeless ceiling fan?

Unlike traditional ceiling fans where you can wipe down the blades, there are a few extra steps to clean a bladeless ceiling fan.

You can wipe down the hollowed-out center, and when you need to clean the blades, simply remove the fixture and wipe it down.

The good news is, because the blades are hidden, they won’t get nearly as dirty as a traditional ceiling fan because the encasing will protect the blades from dust.

Just wipe off the outside from time to time–much easier and smoother than open blades!

Are bladeless ceiling fans loud?

Bladeless ceiling fans are actually quieter than traditional ceiling fans, given the fixtures are encased.

Additionally, they have quiet motors, which help them run quieter.

Are bladeless ceiling fans safe?

Yes, they are safer than traditional ceiling fans as they don’t have any external blades.

Instead, they are safely encased within the fixture, making these perfect for low profile ceilings or rooms with bunk beds.

Are bladeless ceiling fans energy efficient?

Yes, bladeless ceiling fans are energy efficient. This is because of the design.

Air is emitted from the hollowed-out center, which is where the fans are encased.

The bladeless fans suck in air in order to push it out, which means they don’t consume as much electricity as traditional fans, making it a great energy-efficient option.

Are bladeless ceiling fans good?

Yes! Bladeless ceiling fans are strong, energy-efficient, and good for any room.

They cool down rooms quickly and efficiently, and in many cases perform better than traditional ceiling fans.

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