The Best Cage Enclosed Ceiling Fans with Lights

Ceiling fans set the tone for an entire room. Sure, some can be pretty standard, so much so that you don’t even notice them. But others are more of a statement-making piece. They still cool and light your room, but they will do it with a little bit more flair.

One popular style is cage enclosed ceiling fans. Not only are these safer because the blades are enclosed within a cage, but they are also really cool to look at.

There are different styles, including modern, vintage, futuristic, and more, among other features that make cage enclosed ceiling fans a great choice for any room.

Let’s take a look at the best cage enclosed ceiling fans with lights available on Amazon, starting with the highlights below.

Best Overall: Fanimation Vintere Ceiling Fan – This is a beautiful, vintage-looking fan that will set an academic-like tone to any room. The caged design helps contain the 13-inch fan blades safely, while the Edison bulbs perfectly light any room – and as a bonus, you can even dim the lights. There are three fan settings so you can cool the room to your liking, and its rave reviews and status as Amazon’s Choice make this the best cage enclosed ceiling fan with lights on this list.

Runner Up and Best Farmhouse Light: Progress Lighting Gulliver Fan – This is similar to the Fanimation fan, with its vintage, rustic style. However, this fan has a unique design flair. It is powerful with three fan speeds and energy-efficient because of its LED Edison light bulbs that use up to 75% less energy. The main reason this is runner up is because some customers report that it is louder than they’d prefer, and the speeds aren’t truly low, medium, and high. Overall, still a great choice!

Best Modern Caged Fan: TFCFL Ceiling Fan – This fan hands down has the coolest design on this list for a cage-enclosed fan. The clear plastic blades are caged by LED light bars. When you look up into the design, it’s almost like a lighted star. While it looks really awesome, it also works really well too. Powerful and quiet while being unobtrusive, you can cool any room with ease, controlling all features with a handy wireless remote.

Best Bladeless Ceiling Fan: Jinweight Ceiling Fan – The Jinweight Ceiling Fan is a pretty basic bladeless ceiling fan. There’s nothing special about the design, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t perform well. In fact, it is the opposite! This powerful fan has multiple speeds, and the light feature can be controlled in several different ways. Many homeowners are moving toward the low-profile bladeless look, for its minimal design and superb functionality.

Best Industrial Caged Ceiling Fan: Casa Vestige Modern Ceiling Fan – Don’t get us wrong, this is still among the best cage enclosed ceiling fans with lights; however, it’s lacking in some key features you may want in a fan. These include a reversible motor, dimmable light, timer, and more. The steel design is perfect for a more industrial look. The integrated lightbulb means you’ll have to change the entire fixture when it goes out.

Ready to learn more? Let’s look closer at why these five fans are among the best cage enclosed ceiling fans with lights available on Amazon today.

Top 5 Best Cage Enclosed Ceiling Fans with Lights Reviewed

1. Fanimation Vintere Ceiling Fan – Best Overall

The Fanimation Vintere Ceiling Fan is Amazon’s Choice for cage enclosed ceiling fans, with nearly 500 reviews to back it up! It is a beautiful, powerful, and vintage-looking fan with an aged bronze finish. The Edison bulbs give it an additional flair, almost like you should be in a coffee shop sipping an espresso over a book.

The caged ceiling fan has 13-inch blades that provide up to 1,472 cubic feet per minute of airflow. The Fanimation Vintere Ceiling Fan has three speed settings for you to choose from, and it is energy efficient too!

It will cost only about $8 per year to use regularly, which is way less expensive than getting an air conditioner unit or something similar to cool down your room.

Customers reported that is a quiet, powerful little fan that moves air really well. They loved the unique, almost industrial-like design. It is bright enough for any space, casting a really cool shadow thanks to the fan design. Unlike other LED bulbs, you can dim them to meet any lighting needs too, so you can customize the lighting level of your room with ease.

Some customers report that it can be hard to install, so make sure that you have some help get it set up. Others said they didn’t have a problem, but better safe than sorry!

Overall, this is a great little fan that is not only powerful but really safe. This is because the fan blades are encased in a cage, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally clipping your hand if you reach up too high.

2. Progress Lighting Gulliver Fan – Runner Up and Best Farmhouse Light

The Progress Lighting Gulliver Fan is a great farmhouse style caged ceiling fan with lights. The fan has three blades, and there are three LED Edison bulbs included, adding a vintage look to this farmhouse style fan. Overall, the fixture itself is about 26 inches, so it’s not too big or intrusive in any room while still making a statement.

It features a hand-painted woodgrain texture that really gives it a rustic and stylish feel, while the metal grades on the bottom almost look like an upgraded fan grating.

This three-light “fandelier” is really powerful, and you will get great air movement without any loud noises or shaking in the fixture. The fan has three speeds and the light has full-range dimming capabilities.

The motor is reversible, helping you to get the proper airflow all season long, and it can push about 1,297 cubic feet of air per minute. You can control all the features using the included remote, so once it’s set up, you are ready to go!

This is another energy-efficient fan that will fit in any room. The LED lights themselves use at least 75% less energy, last longer, and don’t produce heat. You’ll want to make sure to have at least 7 feet from floor to ceiling.

This is runner up to the Fanimation fan because it is a little bit louder and customers also reported that the low setting is still quite fast, so the customization could use some work. Overall, it is still among the best cage enclosed ceiling fans with lights on the market today!

3. TFCFL Ceiling Fan – Best Modern Caged Fan

The TFCFL Ceiling Fan has a really cool design, and you have to see it to believe it! The ceiling fan is caged in what almost looks like other blades – but they aren’t. Instead, it is lighted LED bars that lock the fan blades in safely while looking awesome. When you look up into the fan from the ground, it looks like a star shining down from the ceiling.

The fixture is almost 23 inches, and you can choose different color temperatures (warm light, neutral light, and white light), which will light any room with ease while still comfortably cooling any room.

The five, clear plastic blades will almost look invisible when they are on, pushing great airflow throughout the room. There are three speeds that you can choose from, and the ultra-quiet, whisper-wind motor won’t distract you either.

You can control the unit with a remote control helping you light and cool your room to meet your needs. This is an energy-saving fan thanks to its low power consumption and LED lights. It isn’t loud and is very durable.

There is a timer on the fan that you can set at different intervals, helping you save energy. Customers report that they love how this fan doesn’t overwhelm their room. Instead, the fan is almost invisible, but still incredibly powerful. This is a great modern design for a great value.

4. Jinweight Ceiling Fan – Best Bladeless Ceiling Fan

The Jinweight Ceiling Fan is a highly rated bladeless ceiling fan, with hundreds of reviews backing up its claims. The fan is 22 inches in diameter and features a steel cage that encloses the fan blades.

The Jinweight Ceiling Fan is powerful, and it is surrounded by an LED light that will brighten any room, safely. Because of the cage enclosed design of the ceiling fan, you don’t have to worry about any accidental clips by the fan blades.

On the remote, you can control the fan speed, timer, light dimmer, and more. There are three speeds to choose from, and three lighting tones, including warm white, neutral white, and cool white. You can even control the color temperature and brightness to make it the ideal cage enclosed ceiling light for you.

You can set a timer for the fan to run from anywhere between one and four hours, so you can be more energy-efficient, especially when you sleep.

The fan has a semi-flush mount and can cool and light a room comfortably up to 225 square feet. One downside is that the motor is not reversible, so the fan will only rotate clockwise. This means you won’t be able to switch directions between seasons.

Customers reported that it is easy to install, and it should only take up to 30 minutes to put up. Overall, despite it being one of the most basic fans on this list, it is still among the best cage enclosed ceiling fans with lights.

5. Casa Vestige Modern Ceiling Fan – Best Industrial Caged Ceiling Fan

The Casa Vestige Modern Ceiling Fan looks almost industrial in nature, with its sleek silver chrome finish and single small light at the center. The cage surrounding the fan blades almost looks as if it is to prevent lawsuits more than to provide comfort, so depending on the function, this caged ceiling fan may be a little bit too cold of a design for your home or office. On the other hand the curves give it some grace and flair. If you’re looking for a classic, this fan does meet that expectation.

The 17-inch fixture has an enclosed 14-inch fan with a 15.5-degree blade pitch. It has three-speed settings, while the light can just be turned on and off. The 11-watt LED downlight is actually part of the fixture and not a septette bulb.

The fan is “damp-rated,” which means that you install it indoors or outdoors, you’ll just not want to use it in a humid location with salt-water exposure. (So basically, anyone can use it except mermaids).

The fan provides 1,602 cubic feet per minute of airflow, and its airflow efficiency is 31.53 cubic feet per minute per watt of energy used. This fan is less energy efficient than others on this list, using more than 50 watts without the light.

Buyer’s Guide: Shopping for the Best Cage Enclosed Ceiling Fans with Lights

Now that you’ve looked at some of the best cage enclosed ceiling fans with lights, let’s take a look at some of the features that determined our picks and helped solidify our ranking from top to bottom. Each has redeemable features and they are the best in their own categories, but let’s look at some important features that will help you to pick the best cage enclosed ceiling fans with lights for you.


The size of the fan should vary based on the size of the room you’d like to cool and/or light. You don’t need to get a huge light if you’re planning to have it in a small office, but you might if you’re choosing a fan for your living room. The size of the fixture will determine how much space it takes in the room, but the size of the blades will impact the cooling/air circulation.

Energy Efficiency

You’ll want to choose a ceiling fan, especially if it has lights, that is energy efficient. You don’t want to be adding a lot to your energy bill after you install the fixture. Many provide the energy rating and guide directly on the product listing to help you!


There are different features available depending on the light. Some have multiple speeds, light settings, dimming capabilities, color temperature settings, timer capabilities, and more. You’ll want to understand how you’ll use the light to make sure you have the right settings for you.


Are you looking for a fully enclosed ceiling fan? Or is the design for aesthetics? These are two questions that may impact your decision. While all of these are enclosed, some may be safer for tall people, or if you have children throwing toys.


The airflow of the fan is very important because that shows you how powerful it is. This is often expressed in cubic feet per minute. You’ll want to keep an eye out for this number to help you pick the best and most powerful caged ceiling fan on the market!

Frequently Asked Questions

You might still have questions about the best cage enclosed ceiling fans with light after reading about the products and the buyer’s guide. Let’s take a look at some of the most common questions about these products to help you make the best choice for yourself.

Why do I need a cage enclosed ceiling fan?

Enclosed fans are safer as the blades are not out in the open. Instead, they have a casing that protects people and belongings from accidentally being hit by the blades.

How does it work?

Cage enclosed ceiling fans work exactly the same way as regular ceiling fans, they are just behind a protective casing to provide an additional level of safety for all.

Does a higher price mean better quality?

Not necessarily. We include a range of price points and looks on this list intentionally to help you choose the best cage enclosed ceiling fans with lights for you. You can pay more for brand name, features, size, and more, so just be sure to know what you’re looking for and to have a budget in mind.

Does energy-efficient mean the fan is weak?

Absolutely not! Energy-efficient fans simply means they are better at using the electricity they draw on, so they don’t have to use as much of it as less-efficient fans. They won’t be as expensive to run, and won’t be adding a lot of extra drain on your electric bill. Energy-efficient fans are very powerful.

Why are some made of metal and other plastic?

It depends on the fan. This is a design and manufacture choice and does not impact the quality of the airflow of the ceiling fan.

Are caged fans or bladeless fans good?

Yes! They are just like regular fans, but with an cool-looking and safer design. They are a great option for your home and help widen your choices for style. They are high quality, powerful fans.

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