How to Clean Your Winix Filter

I’m going to walk you through cleaning your Winix filter. All the details are below. Before we get started, I’ll answer a common question.

Are Winix Filters Washable?

Yes, most Winix filters are washable.

But be careful, most of the units can only be washed up to 3 times a year.

Washing your filter 3 times a year will make the filtering of your unit stay effective for a longer period of time.

When you clean it, you will want to avoid using any kind of detergent or soap.

You can take the filter out of the unit and let some room temperature water run over it.

You are going to want to let 24 hours pass before using your filter again after you washed it.

If you place a wet filter back in the unit and use it, you not only run the chance of your filter not doing its job properly, but you also risk ruining your filter all together as well.

If you are afraid to run your filter through water, you can always use a vacuum cleaner or soft brush to clean the filter.

Unfortunately, this method of cleaning will not help if the filter is very soiled.

Even though you should only clean your filter 3 times a year, you do not have to space the cleanings out evenly.

Your cleanings should depend on how dirty the filter is at the given time.

How to Clean My Winix AM80

When it comes to cleaning your Winix AM80, you are going to want to use a soft brush or vacuum cleaner to clean the pre filter.

If your filter is over soiled, your best bet is to rinse it in room temperature water.

You are going to want to avoid using any detergent or soap, and remember to let your filter dry for at least 24 hours.

As it pertains to cleaning the exterior of your filter, you are going to want to wipe down your purifier with a soft damp cloth that has been soaked with room temperature water.

Once you have done that, you will then wipe it down again with a clean and dry towel.

Afterwards, you can open the front panel and clean the inside with a vacuum cleaner.

If you want this model to stay working as well as it can, you are going to want to do the outside cleaning every 1 to 2 months.

How to Clean My Winix C535

If you have this Winix filter, the cleaning instructions for both the outside and inside of this unit is the exact same you will find for the Winix AM80 and all other Winix air purifiers.

There are some things that you are going to want to look out for though when you are starting the cleaning process.

When you are cleaning the inside filtering system, you want to avoid using benzene, alcohol, and any other volatile fluids that can lead to your filter being damaged or changing color.

If you use any of those substances to clean the inside of your filter, you risk those particles being in the air of your living area and breathing them in.

When you go to clean the outside of your purifier, the first thing you will want to do is make sure the power cord is unplugged.

You do not want to risk burning out your unit, or worse, hurting yourself.

You will also want to make sure your unit has completely cooled down as that will help lower the risk of burning your hands on it when you go to clean it.

Winix filters are not ones you want to disassemble and repair on your own.

If you are having issues with yours, it would best if you called in a Winix expert to help get your unit up and running.

You should avoid using any flammable sprays or liquid detergents on the purifier.

And lastly, make sure that you do not allow any children to clean or maintain this unit.

Winix purifiers should be treated with diligence and care.

How to Clean My Winix A230

This is one of the more popular filters that people like to get from Winix.

This filter is on the smaller side which means the cleaning process will be a little bit different than the larger ones explained above.

Like the others, you will only want to clean with a vacuum or soft brush.

Unlike the others though, you are only going to clean the pre filter.

This filter cannot be washed. So do not go running this one through any type of water.

How often you should clean this is dependent on the air quality it is giving off.

When you go to clean the outside of this unit, you again can use a cloth that is dampened by room temperature water and then dry it down with a warm cloth.

You will then turn it upside down, remove the filter cover, and clean the inside with a vacuum.

If you want to ensure optimal use, you should do this cleaning every 2 weeks.

How Do I Know if my HEPA Filter is Dirty?

There are a lot of signs for you to look out for when you need to know if your filter is dirty.

If you have pets, if your filter is dirty and needs to be cleaned or changed, you will notice your furry friends dander in the air of your living area.

Just like dust, pet dander can build up over time and if your filter is dirty, it will not pick it up as much.

If you find yourself having trouble with allergies or breathing, that is another big sign that your filter is not as clean as it could be.

More likely than not your filter is clogged.

That means that your filter is allowing less airflow than it usually gets out into the living area you have, which means more allergens are making their way into your lungs.

The easiest way to know if your HEPA filter is dirty is just by doing a simple eye test.

You may think you are too busy to do a simple test on your filter, but you are not just looking for any dust or dirt on your filter, you are also checking to see if it is a bit wet, bent, or physically ruined in any way.

If it is any of those things, more likely or not that is why your filter is not working properly.

How Long Do Winix Filters Last?

Most Winix filters will typically last you around one year.

When you go out and buy your Winix filter, they will usually come with one pack of filters.

If you use your filter at a normal rate, do not expect to have to worry about replacing them or cleaning them for a year.

If you use your filter more frequently than the average person, you will probably have to clean or replace them before that time.

The same can be said if you use your filter sparingly.

But overall, plan on having to clean or replace your filters around a year from when you bought them.

If you have a Winix that is able to connect to your Wifi, the Winix Smart app will send you a status update on your filter while giving you a link for where you can go to replace them.


The Winix purifiers come in different shapes and sizes.

For the smaller sized units, you will want to follow the instructions of the A230, while for the larger sized purifiers, you will want to heed to directions of the C535 and AM80.

If you go through each unit, you will find the cleaning process on each is very similar depending on the size of the unit.

No matter which unit you end up buying, it is important that you know how to properly keep the filter clean.

If you do not do that, you will find that you are only wasting your money because it will not be doing its job properly.

The whole point of you having these units is to make the air in your house that much cleaner.

But like all things, even filters need to be kept clean.

If you are able to keep your air filter clean, they will be able to keep your air clean, which will only keep you happy and feeling healthy.

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