Pura Smart Diffuser: Safe? Worth it? Ultimate Review

What is Pura?

The Pura Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser plugs into the wall and diffuses scents throughout your home, controlled by an app on your phone. Think of it as a candle, except it’s the updated and safer 2021 version! Not only does Pura diffuse scents, but it doubles as a nightlight with a variety of color options.

While Pura does offer its own Pura branded scents, it also has partnerships with a number of established fragrance companies that we all know and love. This way you can order your old standards, such as NEST, Apotheke, and Capri Blue. Pura also has collaborations offering signature sets from Becki Owens and James Harden.

Pura is a 2018 start up, begun by young and passionate entrepreneurs who partnered with major fragrance companies to take their idea to the next level. Recently they have garnered more prominence with NBA All-Star James Harden investing and joining the company as creative director.

Pura prides itself on safe and ethical ingredients, a rare find in the scent world. Pura is the first smart home diffuser ever created, and we’re excited for this new direction in home fragrance.

How does Pura work?

When you first receive your Pura diffuser, you’ll have to download the Pura app and login, which then connects via QR code to the diffuser so you can control it. You’ll connect to your WiFi (though it doesn’t work with 5G).

The Pura diffuser uses two scent vials at a time, and you can program it to switch between scents through the app. To do this, scan the QR code or 3-digit passcode on each scent. The app will connect and tell you how to insert the scent vials carefully into the back of the diffuser.

The diffuser then plugs into an electrical outlet in the wall near your WiFi modem. It can rotate to accommodate a horizontal outlet if you need. Make sure that it is right side up and has a two-foot clearance on all sides.

Within the Pura app, you can now schedule when the device should turn on and off, when it should switch scents, the intensity of the scents from 1-10, and the LED light colors and intensity.

Because the diffuser is connected to the app on your phone, it can detect when you leave or arrive home. This allows it to turn off when you’re gone and turn back on when you return. The Pura app is an innovative way to keep your scents lasting longer by controlling when they run.

In addition to offering one-time purchases, Pura has a subscription for scent refills which you can time from 1-3 months. The scents last up to 350 hours, and you can choose a scent based on room sizes of 300, 600, or 1000 square feet.

The subscription service allows you to save 30% off on scent refills, and you can change out which scents they send you whenever you like. If your scent is lasting longer than expected you can pause the subscription or adjust the amount of time between refills.

For dedicated Pura users, Pura also has an ambassador program with a commission rate and exclusive product access. If you subscribe for refills and post about Pura at least once a month, you will earn a 10% commission on qualifying sales through your ambassador code. This code also lets you give friends and family a 15% discount on Pura products.

Is Pura Worth It?

At first glance, the Pura Smart Device does cost more than a single air freshener or candle, and more than some other types of scent diffusers. The price varies depending on which supplier you buy from. You only need to buy the device once, though, and the price of the scents is 30% less if you subscribe for refills.

The good news is that Pura can actually save you a ton of money in the long run.

Stay with us here for a minute while we run through the math – it will blow your mind.

We investigated if Pura is worth it and used the popular Capri Blue Volcano scent as an example. We found out that a Capri Blue Volcano scent vial for Pura will last 350 hours on medium intensity, while an 8 ounce Capri Blue Volcano candle lasts for only 40 hours.

However, the 8 oz candle costs twice as much as the Pura scent (at subscription price). If you were to buy enough of these candles to last as long as one Pura scent refill, you would need to buy nine candles.

That means the candles are 17 times more expensive than the equivalent amount of Pura scent. The initial cost of the Pura device would be more than covered in this scenario.

Bottom line: yes, the Pura smart diffuser is definitely worth it.

Is Pura Safe?

Yes, Pura diffusers and their fragrances are very safe. The biggest safety benefit with Pura is that, unlike a candle, it’s not in danger of catching fire. This means you can leave it unattended or out of sight and you don’t have to think about it or check on it. And if you live somewhere like a college dorm or an apartment that doesn’t allow candles, the Pura diffuser will step in to save the day!

Pura scents are safer than regular wall plugin air fresheners and candles. Wall plugins often use fragrances with chemicals that are toxic to pets and children, while Pura makes sure their scents are all safe for animals and children. Candles often use toxic fragrances as well, and in addition candles put off the toxins from their smoke.

Pura scents are not only natural and safe for breathing, but they are also safely made. Pura only uses environmentally friendly ingredients that are sourced ethically. These ingredients are cruelty free, non-GMO, gluten-free and vegan. Pura works to positively impact the areas they source their ingredients from.

What are users saying?

So far, Pura users are enchanted by the device, gushing about its designer fragrances and how convenient the diffuser is. Everyone agrees the scents do smell just like a real candle, so there’s no losing out on the traditional candle experience.

The scents are just the right amount of intensity (and this is adjustable depending on your preferences). They are enough to fill your space but not synthetic, overpowering or sickening. People are talking about how luxurious the scents are and what an upgrade it makes to your home.

The design of the device is a noted improvement on the traditional plug-in air freshener. Customers appreciate the sleek and subtle design of the Pura diffuser.

There are also good reports on Pura customer service. As Marissa shares in the video below, the Pura team bent over backwards to make sure she received her diffuser when mail service was backed up, going the extra mile to give her express shipping at no extra cost.

Pura Pros and Cons


  • Naturally derived fragrances
  • Safe for kids and animals
  • Ethically and sustainably sourced
  • Safe candle alternative
  • Conveniently control your scents anytime, from anywhere
  • Incredible value for the price
  • The app is free
  • The initial set-up only takes 5 minutes
  • The Pura device includes a USB port so you can still make use of the electrical outlet


  • Some people had difficulty with the app settings, finding it to be more confusing than necessary.
  • A few users have had glitches with the device and the app.

Pura Alternatives

The other smart diffuser on the market is the Aera Smart Fragrance Electric Diffuser, which functions similarly in its controls to the Pura. However, it is far more expensive. The scents are only made by Aera, so there’s no way to keep using your tried-and-true candle fragrances.

Aera does offer super long-lasting scents up to 800 hours. This is a nice off-set for the price, but that still doesn’t beat Pura’s value.

If smart technology isn’t your need, then you can go with an essential oil diffuser. These products have been around for awhile now and use a misting technology to diffuse the fragrance. This means they double as a humidifier.

If you do choose an essential oil diffuser, be sure to research which scents are safe for pets and children.

For a more familiar and simple option, you can go with a classic wall plugin air freshener. These cheaper devices usually use fragrances that are unsafe and low quality. A lot of them wear out much faster or don’t even give off a noticeable smell.

However, they have a proven track record for freshening up the air, and they don’t rely on WiFi or an app. In addition, they are much more affordable.


The Pura Smart Diffuser is an exciting new solution to the age-old problem of smells. Whether you are tired of buying more candles and always having to keep an eye on them, or you want to move away from fake stinky air fresheners, the Pura Smart Diffuser is a massive improvement.

It’s a little different from essential oil diffusers, as it doesn’t mist or humidify.

With Pura fragrances, you have safety for your loved ones and can rest assured the fragrances are sourced ethically. Always control when your scents are diffusing, how strongly, and from a distance.

This saves your fragrance for longer and you don’t have to bother with manual adjustments since it’s all on your phone.

Pura gives awesome value for the amount you spend on it, beating out candles by a long shot on overall investment.

The biggest benefit of Pura in our opinion is the fragrance options. These high quality, well-sourced, safe aromas come from an array of proven designers that will give you peace of mind when ordering your next scent.

Due to Pura’s smart technology controls and convenient refills, you can savor your favorite fragrances for as long as you like.

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