Ultimate Ceiling Fan Comparison – Who’s on top?

If you’re looking for the best ceiling fans out there, you may be familiar with the brands Kichler, Hunter, Fanimation, Minka-Aire, and Casablanca. These are some of the top brands, known for their high-quality selection that are available across any price point.

Customers know what they’re getting when they get a product from one of these brands, but who is really the best? What fans should you be looking for to compare apples to apples?

There are so many options out there that it may be hard to choose, but never fear! We’ll compare and contrast these brands and some of their top ceiling fans so you can get an idea of what will work best for you, taking the guesswork out of what could be an overwhelming choice.

Not all ceiling fans are created equal, so let’s take a look at some of the details that will make selecting the top ceiling fan quick and easy. We’ll break it down by company reputation, compare individual products, and give an overall rating for each pairing.

Kichler vs Hunter

Both of these brands are well respected with many years of experience under their belt, but you’ll get a better value with Hunter, while Kichler fans are better looking. Let’s look at more details of the differences below.


Kichler is an award-winning, well-respected brand in the lighting industry. They have a great selection of stylish designs that are innovative and make a statement in any room. They boast the only class 4 lab for a lighting company in the United States, which helps ensure verified specifications and safety for every ceiling fan and other products they offer. Considered the best of the best in ceiling fans and lighting, Kichler has a great reputation behind every product.

Hunter has more than 120 years of experience making high-quality fans and more, and they excel in keeping up with the times. They use the latest fan technology to bring you only the best, cutting edge designs that will lend character while delivering great function to any room.

Both Kichler and Hunter have a great reputation, just for slightly different things, so it depends what you’re looking for to decide who wins in this category.


Hunter has a greater selection of indoor ceiling fans, with about 70 more options for you to choose from than Kichler can offer you. Comparing ceiling fans with similar features, Hunter offers more style choices than Kichler.

Price Points

Kichler has a higher price range, with fans ranging from $1,060 to $99, while Hunter indoor ceiling fans can range from $750 to $80. Hunter also has clearance products that you can choose from to make it even more affordable. Hunter clearly wins here when thinking about the range of price points and affordable options, offering the cheapest ceiling fans.

Kichler Gentry LED 65-inch Fan Anvil Iron vs. Hunter Rhinebeck with LED Light 58 inch

The Kichler Gentry LED 65-inch has nine blades to help promote increased airflow. The center fixture almost looks like the steering wheel of a boat, with a brass coloring and spoke-like metal bars. The Kichler Gentry comes with a dimmable LED light.

It comes in three color options, and you can also get this in 85 inches for extra-large rooms. This fan comes with the fixture, remote, and the switch that will help you operate your fan. Customers report that aside from its lovely appearance, this unit also runs quietly.

The Hunter Rhinebeck 58-inch has a similar light setting without the brass fixture in the middle. It has only 6 blades that feature a 13-degree blade pitch which optimizes to help promote air movement and peak performance.

The 58-inch fan comes in two colors to help match your decor. The fan has a reversible fan motor to help you optimally cool any room no matter the season. The Hunter Rhinebeck brings powerful without the noise.


Overall, these are similar, but while you do pay more for the Kichler Gentry fan, you get a little bit more with it too. More blades promote higher airflow, while the sleek design catches the eye. Customers also report that it is the quietest ceiling fan, which adds bonus points. If you’re looking for a more cost-efficient alternative, you can consider the Hunter Rhinebeck, but you’ll lose some of the flair and function.

Kichler Trevor II LED 60-inch Fan Brushed Stainless Steel vs Hunter Romulous with LED Light 60

The Trevor II LED 60 inch Fan Brushed Stainless Steel has five blades with the option of two finishes: a stainless steel finish that helps elevate the design of this fan and a brushed oil bronze finish that will add an air of sophistication. It uses LED bulbs to help provide soft, gentle light in any space. You’ll control this fan via the wall, but it is a little bit harder to install than others.

The Hunter Romulous with LED Light 60-inch fan looks similar but again is slightly cheaper. There are three topics of finishes that you can choose from, but what’s cool about this is that this fixture comes with simple connect, which means that you can control it using most smart home devices like Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. There’s also a remote controller that will help you control it too.


While the Trevor is a little bit prettier, the Romulous beats it with the choice of features. Similar in size, the Romulous is our pick for a fan that will not only do an awesome job cooling a room but also do it with smart technology.

Overall Rating

Both Kichler and Hunter have great fans of comparable quality, but you will be paying more for the looks if you go with Kichler. There are plenty of similar Hunter fans available at a lower cost, so while they may be prettier, Kitchler fans are not worth the extra money. You’ll do better to lose some of the detailing and gain better features like smart home integration with Hunter fans.

Hunter came out on top when compared with Kichler. Sure, Kichler has beautiful fans, but if you’re interested in not just looks but value, Hunter is the better choice. Let’s see how it stacks up against Fanimation.

Hunter vs Fanimation


You’ve already read about Hunter. They are a highly respected brand that builds on a long legacy of fan-making to integrate not just the best designs, but also the newest technologies – a nice blend of the old world vs. the new world that is sure to meet any of your home lighting and cooling needs.

Fanimation fans are all about the new world. They are statement-making fans that will bring a unique sense of beauty and style to any room. They don’t have as long of a legacy as Hunter, but what they lack in history, they make up for in industry-leading ceiling fans. They consistently rank on the best-of lists, so they can hold their own with Hunter.

While Hunter has a longer legacy in the game, Fanimation is respected for its high-quality products across the board.


While Fanimation has a great selection of ceiling fans – about 100 for you to choose from – Hunter has even more available. Fanimation has a greater selection of modern fans, while Hunter has a mix of styles. It depends on what type of fan you’re looking for, but based on sheer quantity of options, Hunter wins this category.

Price Points

The price points for both Fanimation and Hunter are similar, with some higher and some lower. You will pay for the features, like the number of blades or the design, in addition to any fancy features like smart home technology. Generally Hunter is a little more affordable, especially if you’re looking for a basic, classic ceiling fan.

Fanimation Kwad 52-inch Ceiling Fan vs. Hunter Dempsey 60-inch Ceiling Can

The Fanimation Kwad fan comes in 44 inches and 52 inches, both of which are smaller than the Hunter Dempsey – and in spite of that, it’s still more expensive. It has a great color selection, and you can choose from seven different colors to find a fan that will work for you and your room.

It is WiFi and Bluetooth compatible, though you’ll need to purchase those controls separately. The light features a LED light, and it comes with a handheld remote control that will help you control it from no matter where you are in the room.

The Hunter Dempsey Fan is 60 inches, powered by a whisper wind motor that helps you deliver your desired airflow with quiet ease. It comes with an energy-efficient LED lightbulb and a handheld remote that you can control the light and fan speed.

The fan features an adjustable height so that it can optimize air movement based on the needs in your room. Quiet but powerful, you won’t get the wobbling noise that other fans can have and that is backed by more than two times the amount of testing as others.


Overall, these fans are very similar. They look alike and have similar features. They both have four blades, cool well and most importantly, they are super quiet. While the Fanimation ceiling fan has a greater color selection, the Hunter ceiling fan is a better value for a bigger, higher-performing fan.

Fanimation SculptAire Ceiling Fan vs. Hunter Park View Ceiling Fan

The Fanimation SculptAire Ceiling Fan offers a very modern look to any room. With clear blades, it will almost look like magic as your room is cooling with only the base visible. If you like bladeless fans, this will give you that bladeless look. It is a 52-inch fan and an 18-watt LED light bulb.

It has an airflow of 101 cubic feet per minute, and you can control it either with a remote or on the fan directly.

This is a very beautiful, elegant fan that will look amazing in any room. While you are definitely paying for the design, it will still do its job of cooling down the room – it just looks extra good and stylish while doing it!

The Hunter Park View Ceiling Fan is very similar to the Fanimation one, also offering subtle clear blades, but it is more expensive and less elegantly designed. The Hunter is slightly bigger by two inches, and it is adjustable, so you’ll be able to install the downrod to make sure it fits in your space properly to maximize the cooling.

It comes with a remote that you can use to control the airflow, and it’s so quiet and virtually invisible that you’ll forget it’s there! The fan performs well – exactly what you’d expect from a Hunter fan. The look and feel are cool, but you can get something similar for less money. The price of this fan reflects Hunter’s time-tested reputation.


Overall, the Fanimation SculptAire is the better choice for a clear, three-bladed fan. It looks better, and it is less expensive. Both are expected to perform similarly, but you will get a little bit more for your money with Fanimation.

Overall Rating

As you’ll see above, it will depend on the fan; however, generally speaking, you will get a better value for your money with Hunter fans when you’re looking for more standard fans. If you are looking for a modern or unique fan, you will get a better value with Fanimation. Just keep in mind the style you’re looking to capture in the room and pick from there – but no matter which you pick, you will get a fantastic ceiling fan with either Hunter or Fanimation.

Minka Aire vs Casablanca

Two more really popular ceiling fan brands are Minka Aire and Casablanca ceiling fans, which can each go head-to-head with all of the other brands on this list. (Keep in mind Casablanca is actually a sub-brand of Hunter). Let’s take a look.


Minka Aire fans are really great, and they are actually recognized for improving airflow and ventilation within any room – all with a quiet motor and energy-efficient design. Because of this, they can be a little bit more expensive than others.

Casablanca fans are a sub-brand of Hunter fans, so you can expect great features. As a collection, they are top-notch. Their fans are known for being reliable, good quality, and most importantly powerful but quiet.

Both have a great reputation in the ceiling fan industry, and many may not know that Casablanca is part of Hunter.


Minka Aire has a greater selection of fans, both when compared to Casablanca fans and Casablanca fans and Hunter fans together. While both have a variety of options, Minka Aire can offer you way more.

Price Point

The fans are pretty comparably priced when comparing the range with each other. You can get a great ceiling fan across any price point when you choose from either a Minka Aire Fan or a Casablanca one.

Minka Aire Contractor 42 inch fan vs Casablanca Fordham Indoor Ceiling Fan

The Minka Aire Contractor fan is a standard ceiling fan with nothing special – it doesn’t even have a light (though a universal lighting kit is sold separately)! This model has a white finish and white blades, though there are other color options available.

It has three quiet speeds that are reversible to help promote ideal airflow no matter what season it is.

The Minka Aire Contractor fan pushes 2,067 cubic feet per minute with a 42-inch blade sweep and 12-degree blade pitch. This baseline model is cheap and energy-efficient. Running costs are only about $9 per year – wow! – which is less than other similar models.

The Casablanca Fordham Ceiling Fan is similar in style, but it has a little extra detailing, which is why it’s a little bit more expensive. The Casablanca Fordham Ceiling Fan is among Amazon’s Choice products, and it comes in white and brown.

Like the Minka Aire, this does not have a light. It is slightly bigger, coming in at 44 inches with a 13-degree blade pitch, and you will get a powerful fan with its multiple speed and reversible fan motor. Included in the fit are multiple downrods so you can make sure it’s ideally placed for your ceiling, and best of all it’s very quiet!


These fans are similar, and if you’re looking for a very simple fan, you will want to go with the Minka Aire Contractor fan. It’s simple, energy-efficient, and a great value. However, if you’re looking to add a subtle flair to your room, go with the Casablanca Fordham fan. Its scrolling design is beautiful, and it is a powerful and quiet little fan for a great price. As a bonus, this comes with multiple downrods so you can fit the fan to your ceiling ideally.

Minka Aire F647-WH Protruding Mount Fan vs. Casablanca Durant Ceiling Fan

The Minka Aire F647-WH Protruding Mount Fan is a traditional fan, with three lights featuring etched glass shades mounted on a subtly detailed base. It’s an elegant cream color with five 52-inch blades at a 12-degree blade pitch and a powerful, quiet motor that is energy efficient.

It pushes out 4,901 cubic per minute, and you control the fan with a three speed pull chain, and you switch the airflow on the unit. It only includes one downrod, so if you need to install it on a ceiling angled more than 20 degrees, you’ll need to purchase a separate kit to install. Users love the elegant look and feel of this light.

Another standard option is the Casablanca Durant Ceiling Fan. It comes with either 44-inch or 54-inch blades, and you can get the finish in either bronze or nickel. The 44-inch version features three lights, while the 54-inch version has one dome light.

You can control the fan on the unit, and the 13-degree blade pitch will promote great airflow in your room. The direct drive motor is powerful and still quiet, ideal for cooling rooms up to 255 square feet. The blades have the patented Casablanca dust armor nanotechnology that will help repel dust build-up.


Again, these are similar fans, but this time the Casablanca is the winner. It is more cost-efficient, and while both are standard, three-light ceiling fans, the Casablanca has dust armor tech that will help your blades repel dust, meaning you have to clean them less often. The Casablanca carries a lifetime motor warranty, so you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your ceiling fan is protected.

Final Verdict

When you look at Kichler vs Hunter, Hunter vs Fanimation, Minka Aire vs Casablanca ceiling fans, there are pros and cons to each fan, but overall, Hunter – and by extension, Casablanca – emerges as the victor. They have a great selection of fans that can fit any room or style, as well as any price point. The quality is really great, and with over 120 years of experience behind it, Hunter fans will perform exactly as expected.

Hunter ceiling fans are quiet with powerful motors. What’s really great is that they come with multiple downrods, so you’ll be able to properly install the fan to your ceiling specs without needing to purchase any additional kits. The designs range from modern to traditional, and they are all energy-efficient ways to cool any room. For these reasons and more, Hunter is the ceiling fan brand that is emerging on top!

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